Children’s Ear Piercing at Inkhaus


Over the years, we’ve had an increasing number of requests from parents wanting their children’s ears to be pierced safely and in a sterile environment. We only offered ear piercings from 16+ and we had nobody else in the local area that we could recommend that parents could trust to pierce their children properly. We feel we have a responsibility to provide a safe piercing experience, and we will therefore be offering children’s ear piercing packages for ear lobes only for children 10 years and up. To work in line with our insurance, we have to work within certain rules and guidelines, so please read all of the information below and make sure to bring any documents listed along with you.


10 years old and up.

How do I book in?

We are offering children’s ear piercing on an appointment only basis so that we know we have plenty of time to dedicate to you and your child. We ask that you book in for an initial consultation where you come in with your child and see the studio, and discuss the process and aftercare. If they would like to, your child can also pick out some jewellery so that I have it sterilised and ready to go when they come in for their appointment. If they would prefer to choose their jewellery on the day that they are getting pierced though, that’s absolutely fine too! This way just means about a 10 minute wait for the jewellery that they have chosen to be sterilised.

We can book the piercing appointment for as soon as the next available day if you and your child prefer, or if they want some time to think, you’re welcome to have a cooling off period and book for a later date.

To book your consultation, please email or call us on 01642 781266. We ask that for both the consultation and the appointment that you only bring along the child who is being pierced with no other siblings or friends. We find this provides a much more calming atmosphere and also gives you as the parent and me as the piercer 100% focus on your child.

What happens at the consultation?

I will introduce myself to you and your child and show you the studio and the jewellery. If you would like to see my piercing room as well I will be happy to show you. We also discuss the process so that your child understands what will happen and you both have the chance to ask any questions that you may have. I will also discuss with you both how to take care of the piercings.

Your child can also pick out some jewellery (if they are ready) so that I can have it pre-sterilised ready for their appointment. If they are undecided though, we can pick out the jewellery on the appointment day.

What do I need to bring to the appointment?

  • A form of photo ID for yourself as the parent/legal guardian (passport, driving licence, provisional licence etc.)
  • A form of ID for the child (passport, birth certificate)
  • A certificate of adoption/legal guardianship (if applicable)

Due to our insurance, we can only allow consent from the child’s biological parent or legal guardian. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this, but they are the rules that we have to work within.

We also advise that you make sure that your child has eaten prior to the appointment to boost their blood sugar and make them much less likely to feel light-headed.

What happens at the appointment?

We will begin by checking the forms of ID that you have brought along and giving you a consent form to fill in to consent to the procedure. If your child has not picked out their jewellery at the consultation, I will show them which jewellery would be suitable and have them pick something out. There will then be about a 10 minute wait while this jewellery is sterilised ready to be used. If your child did choose their jewellery at the consultation, it will be pre-sterilised and in packets ready to go. I will check that they are still happy with their choice (if they’ve changed their mind, that’s no problem!) and get the piercing room set up.

Once the room is set up and the consent forms are filled in, I will invite you both into the room. I will then spend a short time cleaning their ears and marking up the piercings before allowing you both to check that you are happy with the position. Once the positions are agreed, I will do the piercings.

How are the piercings done?

The piercings are each done with a single-use sterile needle. We understand that this might sound imposing, but unlike guns, they are sterile, safe and only used once on one person. This is absolutely the safest and most correct way to be pierced with the best healing results.

What happens if my child changes their mind?

Sometimes kids get nervous and that’s absolutely fine! We believe strongly in bodily autonomy in our studio so if a child decides they don’t want to go through with the piercings, that’s not a problem. We don’t want it to be a stressful experience for your child so we ask that you don’t try to persuade them to go through with it if they have changed their mind. There will always be another time when they are ready and we will always be happy to book them back in when the time comes!

Ready to book?

Email: or call us on: 01642 781266