Our mission at Inkhaus is to provide safe piercings in a clean environment with a huge choice of jewellery to create a unique and exclusive look that is perfect for you! Becky, our body piercer, is very passionate about premium, beautiful body jewellery and sources pieces from a range of the best body jewellery manufacturers around the world, including: Anatometal, Industrial Strength and NeoMetal.

We offer a range of jewellery styles to suit a wide variety of personal styles and budgets. All the prices listed on our price list are for the ‘procedure fee,’ which includes a plain piece of implant grade titanium jewellery, but we also have hundreds of other pieces to choose from for a little bit more.

There is no appointment needed for piercings, and our Statim autoclave allows us to sterilise jewellery while you wait. This means that we can sterilise any piece of jewellery that you choose from our cabinets in the time it takes you to fill in your consent forms, so you can get a piercing that really is perfect for you!