BVLA 14 Karat Rose Gold Mini Kandy w/ White Opal.


This 14 karat rose gold ‘Mini Kandy’ is as cute as its name suggests! Featuring a central synthetic white opal gem with ornate rose gold beading around the outside, this piece is always a firm favourite. It is threadless, which means that it will fit on a range of 16G (1.2mm) and 18G (1mm) implant grade titanium posts. Please select the post size that you need from the drop down menu. 

The gem is 2mm in size, making the piece approximately 4mm overall. The size makes this piece perfect for a range of piercing placements, including: helix, tragus, ear lobe, and conch. It also looks breathtaking in a philtrum (medusa) or as a statement piece in a nostril piercing. It is also suitable to be used in a fresh piercing as initial jewellery. 

Body Vision Los Angeles (BVLA) is the world’s leading manufacturer for precious metal body jewellery with all pieces designed, hand made and hand polished in Los Angeles California. You will find the items we currently stock on our website, but we do welcome custom orders as BVLA’s range boasts over 2000 individual pieces with over 230 gemstone choices available. To place a custom order, simply email us at:

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Weight 1 g
Post Length

16G (1.2mm) x 1/4″ (approx 6mm), 16G (1.2mm) x 3/16″ (approx 4.8mm), 16G (1.2mm) x 5/16″ (approx 8mm), 18G (1mm) x 1/4″ (approx 6mm), 18G (1mm) x 5/16″ (approx 8mm)